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Welcome to
My World of Crime Novels, Writing, and Telling Tales.

​For over a decade now, I have been consistently working on creating three exhilarating crime novels, all set against the backdrop of Australia and Canada.
These novels are sure to take you on a thrilling journey of suspense and drama, with characters you won't soon forget.
​I'm passionate about writing stories that probe into the darker corners of the human soul and explore the ways in which family secrets can continue to haunt
and affect generations to come. Generationally evilness can be passed on, as can goodness and decency.
In Book 1, 'Magpies in the Dust', I delve into the complexities of human relationships within one
family, the good and the bad, and how they lead to betrayal, abuse, violence and death. If you're a fan of gripping, page-turner crime novels, then you'll love what I do.  
Writing novels really floats my boat especially the development of my characters and the intricacy of the plot.
It is like a vast jigsaw puzzle in my head before I begin to plan my intended novel. Slowly, the storyline materialises and develops, just like a jigsaw. And I cannot wait to see it as a whole with all its intricacies emerging onto the paper.
To date, I have written four novels, inclusive of the three finished books of the 'Thieves of Innocence'Series outlined below. 

'Thieves of Innocence' Series

The three book covers below have been designed by Kerry A  s. They are for display enhancement on ONLY



Kasandra Murphy Goldman, ie. Kas is a prize-winning Australian artist who has dragged herself out of a lifetime of ostracism within her toxic family to accomplish her lifetime dream.


When her father is killed in a car accident, she returns to her hometown to bury him. Amidst the biting vindictiveness of her jealous sisters, she battles with her old demons.


At her father's wake it is announced that a headless body has been discovered on the edge of the local lake. She also discovers a set off incredibly sculptured servers carved by her forbidden unknownpaternal grandfatherHer ensuing journey to connect the bits of the puzzle produces an answer she could not have envisaged in a million years.......




Kas Goldman is rushing through the bustling arcades in the centre of Melbourne. She is pushing her baby Arabella in her stroller and is late to meet two of her sisters in front of the iconic Old General Post Office.


However, although Kas attempts to hurry, the going is slow due to the thousands of eager shoppers searching for a bargain at the annual Boxing Day Sales.


Arabella's cherished panda toy makes a daring escape from the stroller, landing amidst the sea of hurrying feet on the tiled arcade floor. Before Kas can reclaim the toy, a large elderly woman rescues the panda and turns.


At the same time, the ceiling overhead partially collapses, killing her instantly. She pitches foreward, onto Kas and the unsuspecting Arabella, still strapped in her stroller. Kas is knocked unconscious on impact with the floor.

In an instant, all around them, the mundane hustle of the shopping arcade is shattered. The world is thrown into a maelstrom of wind, dust, and debris, pierced by the cacophony of screams from the shocked crowd......................    



On a frosty night on Quadra Island, British Columbia, Old Tatty Ear, a seventeen-year-old black bear, senses the presence of humans and 'trouble'.


In Australia after the death of her mother in the Boxing Day Bombings in Melbourne, Felicity "Fee" Sanderson tries to cope with her grief by accepting a nannying job for a politician's twin girls in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island.

All goes well until she witnesses her boss and a notorious bikie gang discussing how to dispose of two geocachers' bodies. Her boss, Blair Lundel, together with his corrupt brother, the Chief of Police, runs a lucrative criminal set-up on Vancouver Island. Threatened and beaten by Lundel, Fee,  fearful for her life, disappears into the Island's night.........



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